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Mouse Ears Podcast
Mouse Ears Podcast
Ep 54: Season 2 Finale- Disney Trivia Night!

About the show

Welcome to the Mouse Ears Podcast! A podcast about all things travel, but mostly Disney.

Our trio of seasoned co-hosts—Brooks, Kelton, and Stephanie—bring a wealth of experience from their years in the travel industry. Fueled by a collective passion for all things Disney, they’re here to share their extensive knowledge, insider tips, and invaluable tricks to help you plan the perfect vacation—whether it’s an enchanting Disney getaway or any other memorable adventure!

As travel agents with a deep commitment to excellence and proudly sponsored by Fairytale Journeys Travel, the Mouse Ears Podcast is not just a podcast; We craft unforgettable vacations. Our mission is to curate experiences that linger in the hearts of our clients, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Join us on this journey, where every episode is a magical exploration into the art of planning and savoring the most extraordinary vacations imaginable.

Meet the Hosts

Brooks Walker

Brooks, a die-hard Disney buff, happily trots down to WDW with his wife and daughter whenever he can. As an FTJ agent since 2021, he’s a walking encyclopedia on all things Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.

Profile pic of Co-host podcast Stephanie Perret-Gentil of the Mouse Ears podcast

Stephanie Perret-Gentil

Steph has been a dedicated travel agent with FTJ since 2022. Her background in multimedia journalism, photography, and videography, has contributed to her passion for podcasting and capturing captivating content to immerse audience members and clients in a scenic story of what their vacation could entail.

Profile pic of Co-host podcast Kelton Ivers-Osthus of the Mouse Ears podcast

Kelton Ivers-Osthus

Kelton met his wife while working at both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. He currently works for a major airline and has knowledge of the travel industry, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

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