Mouse Ears Podcast
Mouse Ears Podcast
MEP March Madness: Table Service Edition Part 2

In Part 2 of this week’s 2-part episode of the Mouse Ears Podcast, Brooks and Steph are joined by two guest favorites, FTJ agents Alyse Woodlee and Jennifer Turlington! Get ready to listen to MEP’s first ever March Madness showdown! These four friends will decide where the best place is to eat at Walt Disney World from a list of 32 randomly selected table service restaurants. Since we love all things food, we are extremely excited to see which will reign supreme! So put on your favorite mouse ears, and listen along for a food frenzy episode!


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Want more of the MEP agents?

Brooks Walker

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Kelton Ivers-Osthus

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Stephanie Perret-Gentil

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Episode Guests


Alyse Woodlee

Facebook: @Fairytale Journeys by Alyse

Instagram: @ftjbyalyse


Jennifer Turlington

Facebook: @Fairytale Journeys by Jenni Turlington

Instagram: @ftjbyjenni

Tik Tok: @FTJ by Jenni

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