Sipping and Savoring the Best of Jollywood Nights! Review!

Savoring Jollywood’s Debut Night!

It was 7:55 pm on the night of the Jollywood Nights Debut. The party would begin at 8:30 pm, and all food windows were closed as they prepared to serve exclusive party food and drinks. I was third in line for Fairfax Fare, a quick service location on Sunset Blvd. I had been anxiously awaiting the release of all these new holiday dishes and flavors, and this was the location I knew I had to try first! That was the start of my night…followed by so much more taste testing, and now I am here to review what I tried! 

Fairfax Fare: 

The small renditions of Christmas Dinner caught my eye at this location! The line was long and tapered off for the night’s second half. 

Jollywood Nights Mistletoe Martini
  • Holiday Turkey Pop Over- Listen, they laid a slice of perfectly cooked turkey into delicious bread and then tucked it in with gravy and some cranberry sauce. Chef Kiss. And to be honest, I was shocked that the quality was so good! 
  • ‘Just the Sides’ Pop Over- I took a bite and was back at my grandmother’s house. Again, it laid into bread, but now it was the sides! Mac n Cheese, Collards, and whatever else in there, made this my favorite. I am all about the sides. 
  • PB&J Doughnut- I was shocked this wasn’t as sweet as it sounded. Not my jam, but I’ll keep the Peanut Butter on the doughnut. 
Kermits Frozen Banana Bliss FairFax Fare
  • Kermit’s Frozen Banana Bliss- Not too banana-y! But I could hear Fozzy laughing at me as I tried to find the shake part underneath the thick, green frosting top, haha!
  • Mistletoe Martini- Great tart flavor with a little bit of sweetness! The serving size is about the same as at an EPCOT Festival Booth. It was a great ‘Cheers’ to the start of my evening! 
PBJ Doughnut FairFax Fare

Tip Top Club Soiree: 

Again, this line was very long at the beginning of the night and tapered off in the second half. Go get a drink from somewhere else and bring it in! 

Tip Top Club Soiree Drink
  • Twilight Daquiri– Do not order this unless you enjoy sipping melted ICEE juice. 
  • The 5th Dimension Royale– I loved the name for the location, and this was my favorite! So good, not too tart or too sweet. 
  • Sparkling Pomegranate-Apple Cider- We were pleasantly surprised when my friend ordered this, SO tasty and refreshing! It had a great flavor to it! (zero-proof)

Jollywood Nights Dockside Diner: 

You know, when you want to have the perfect snack after a party? I couldn’t be more thrilled with my choice to eat this towards the night’s end! 

  • Spicy Pimento-Kimchi Dip with house-made wonton chips– I LOVED this flavor, and the chips were crunchy perfection. I thought it was plenty to split between two people! 
  • Poutine Tots– If it’s got gravy, I am ordering it. I loved the flavor, and the tots were cooked perfectly! I would have loved some extra Motz curds, tbh. 
  • Christmas Tree Cookie Stack– It’s so cute! Honestly, I didn’t know if I would like the pistachio buttercream…but I guess I’m growing up! 
  • Sandy Claus Hot Cocoa– Inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas. It was fine, I could do a little less cherry whipped cream. But it was a great, warm, zero-proof option. 
  • Naughty or Nice– I really liked this drink! It was a holiday while being refreshing. The Crown Royal mixed well with cranberry, orange, and grapefruit.

Jollywood Nights Outpost: 

  • Sugar Cookie Martini– Getting a sprinkles rim and a cute pic was exciting but sad when served with no rim. They ran out of the stuff to make it stick towards the night’s end. The drink was a little sweet for me but SO holiday!!
Jollywood Nights DJ

You think that’s a lot of food, but we still missed several locations!! We never got to eat at Holiday Fiesta en la Calle…but then again, I don’t think I have ever found myself giving Latin food a bad review, so that was a given! Baseline Taphouse held a doable line throughout the night, and then there were literally five other locations we didn’t get around to! So Disney Foodie, this party is definitely up your alley. I would argue that Jollywood wins food quality if we compare the two Disney Holiday parties!

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