Setting the Jollywood Nights Record Straight: The Guide You Need! 

Walt Disney World debuted their highly anticipated Holiday party at Hollywood Studios this weekend, which was met with more backlash than praise. Jollywood Nights Guide you need!

Jollywood Nights Guide

I was there and had a  B L A S T !! So, I wanted to share with you how to have a swinging good time at Jollywood Nights and why it is a phenomenal addition to the Holidays in Disney World. The first night of a brand-new event will always have some bumps, but nothing that can’t be smoothed out, especially when guests have a guide! 

The Jollywood Nights Guide Breakdown

This event was an upscale, themed, and elevated version of an After-Hours event. Jollywood Nights starts at 8:30 pm, but ticketed guests can enter Hollywood Studios at 7 pm. 

         Cost of Jollywood Nights: $159-$179 +tax

         Cost of After Hours at DHS for 2024: $155-$175 +tax

After Hours is mainly to ride attractions at lower waits, and you get ice cream, popcorn, and select bottled soda and water for free. BUT GET THIS! Jollywood is an hour longer than the After-Hours event; you have two phenomenal party exclusive shows, Unique food and beverage options at 5+ Locations around the park, fantastic entertainment, low attraction wait times, and a fireworks show at the end. Is there free food? No, but you are paying for the opportunity for a great holiday experience. 

Who do I think should attend??

         I love doing this party as a date night with your significant other, a fun girls’ night out, or even as a family with older kids! They will have a great time if they are tall enough to ride everything. By the way, the Latin entertainment was perfect for a family! The singer was so fun dancing with the kids, and it was a very upbeat and fun addition to the party! The Tip Top Club Soiree at the Hollywood Hotel was one of my favorite things, but my kids may have only vibed there for a bit.  


The Soirée at the Tip Top Club is a phenomenal addition to Jollywood Nights!!! It really sets the stage and fits Hollywood Hotel so well!! #jollywood #disneyworld #ftjtravel #mostmagicalplaceonearth #tiptopclub

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         After experiencing the party myself, the BEST plan is to arrive at Jollywood Right at 7 pm and eat dinner before you arrive. Do a couple of low-wait attractions upon your arrival. 

From there, head to Sunset Blvd and watch Sunset Seasons Greetings, projected onto the Hollywood Tower Hotel! Snow (Snoap= Snow Soap) will fall on Sunset Blvd, setting the stage for your evening. 

Hollywood Studios Snow Soap

Speaking of the stage, get in line for Disney Holidays in Hollywood! An exclusive show at this party, and it is fantastic! Join Miss Piggy, Kermit, Two fun hosts, and Special Disney Characters through several musical numbers and have a great time! The first show is at 8:45 pm, but there are three additional showings too! 

Mickey, Minnie, Miss Piggy, Kermit, Debut of Disneys Jollywood Nights

After the show, head straight back to the back of the park, Galaxy’s Edge, or Toy Story Land (Depending on what boarding group you snagged for the Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue). 

And throughout the Night, work your way to the front of the park! Lines for food, drinks, and entertainment are much lower towards the night’s second half. And Sunset Blvd activities would be a great way to put a bow on your evening! 

Jollywood Nights Guide 2023

The Tips! 

  • Do not press yourself to get the party-exclusive drinks right away. Go to Oga’s, Outpost, Market, or Rizzo’s, get yourself a beverage, and then enjoy the entertainment around the parks! For the Soiree, I would grab a drink at the full bar at Outpost and then walk over to enjoy the music and vibe. Then wait in line for a drink there if the line is short! 
  • Did you catch that? OGA’S IS OPEN! I don’t think many people realized that; it was empty all evening. 
  • SKIP the Jazzy Holiday Lounge at Hollywood Brown Derby. I NEVER EVER recommend doing a sit-down restaurant at an exclusive party event, and this is no exception. Sit-down restaurants take time, and it’s not different enough than the general park-hours version to soak up an hour of party time. 
  • Please do not skip the shows. They are SO good and so well put together. I honestly would go to see one of them twice! 
  • There is a DJ at Animator’s Courtyard, where you meet Characters, and one at the corner of Sunset Blvd. I was VIBING with the one at Animator’s, so go there to enjoy some great holiday mixes! 
  • There is a robot arm photo pass experience where Disney Junior Play & Dance usually is; it is SO COOL. And I hate that we didn’t get the chance to do it. Prioritize that! 
  • DRESS UP! Go all out. It’s so fun to be a part of the old Hollywood, swanky vibe! 

Overall, go and enjoy yourself at the Jollywood Nights and use our guide to help you. After grabbing dinner beforehand, you’ll be hungry again halfway through the night, and food lines are shorter then. Dance, ride, party, and celebrate! This is something SO different than anything Disney has done before. And I think it has incredible potential for the rest of the season!

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